BNT Mamas

You can learn how to unlock your child’s potential.

As a mother, you believe in your child’s innate capabilities despite their motor, sensory, or learning issues. You know your kid has a kind heart and a wild intelligence despite their diagnosis or behavioral struggles.

You love your kid as they are, and you want more for them.

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Mama, you are not alone.

Maybe you feel disappointed or misguided by the medical model, discouraged or dismissed by professionals who don’t “see” your child.

Other parents or relatives might assume you are a “bad parent” who “can’t control their kid,” but you know — deep down — it’s something else.

And you’re right.


Books Neural Therapy

For mamas!

BNT for Mamas is a body-centered neurological approach to dyslexia, anxiety, and ADHD. The revolutionary and gentle technique has helped thousands of children overcome behavioral, emotional, and neurological issues. BNT helps re-reestablish proper body-brain communication: it is grounded in science and gets to the root of your child’s issues. Now you can learn to help – directly from home.

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BNT Mamas Course offers…

+ A safe, simple, hands-on technique for tuning into what your child needs to feel better, so you can reclaim your confidence as a mother.

+ A compassionate community of mothers just like you who openly share experiences and learned wisdom. You do not have to do it all alone.

+ A framework to help your child overcome dyslexia, ADHD, sensory processing issues, emotional dysregulation, or other neurological struggles.

+ A step-by-step guide to learn the material through text, pictures and videos for multiple learning styles.

+ Twice-weekly live Zoom calls with Dr. Books so you can ask her questions in real-time. Ensure your technique is correct and develop confidence in your new skills.

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Let their gifts shine.

Transform your frustration into compassion and understanding. Stop feeling hopeless, scared, and isolated, and find a soft and welcoming place to land.

Labels and diagnoses no longer need to overshadow your child’s natural abilities.


“Her whole world changed. She went from her dad or me having to read assignments every night to a kid who sat down and just read—at grade level, mind you—and did her homework without asking us for help.”
mother of 14 year old

What you will learn from home.

Next class is starting March 15th!

Don’t Miss out.

20 Sessions with Dr. Books plus Travel would cost…


20 Sessions with a Local Professional (counseling/PT/OT) would be…

$3,500 – $12,000

Compare those options to a 10 week course plus…

+ 20 Hours of direct access to Dr. Books and her team,
+ a community of other mothers
+ and loads of extra resources for


Application Deadline March 8th.

Payment Plans and scholarships available.

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Meet Dr. Books

Dr. Phyllis Books is a mother, grandmother, teacher and doctor with 40 years of experience and has helped thousands of children to overcome learning and behavioral struggles. Her unshakable belief in each of her individual clients sets her apart, as a loving, enthusiastic practitioner with profound wisdom.

Ready to empower women everywhere, she has figured out how to teach her work not to professionals but directly to moms!

Mama, you got this and your kid is going to be ok.

I’ve got your back.

Teaching directly to mothers is the most important work I have done. Moms don’t need anything except their hearts and their hands. I’m a grandmother myself, who can help mentor them, but I want to empower moms to step up. The world needs you!

These mamas have been there


Mother of 11 and 4 year olds

“BNT is the missing piece of the puzzle. Now I get to take the healing and the change into my own hands as a mother and I get to put my children back together the way God intended them to be.”


Mother of 13 and 17 year olds

“After BNT, I saw my kid running and coordinated like I have never seen him before.

My daughter has a completely different mindset. She isn’t getting stuck in the low points.”


Mother of 15 year old

“I love the way Dr. Books teaches. I feel like the way she teaches is the same as the way she practices which is about listening to the individual. She welcomes everybody.”

See more testimonials here.

You are one powerful mother.

Many mamas report increased awareness and improvement in their own thinking and performance. Many notice that the adult family members they practice on are making improvements and family dynamics are changing.

These mamas are curious, bright, and ready for something new.
Are you?

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“Danielle is so excited. BNT Zoom classes have given my wife determination and hope. Our whole family is changing.”

Husband of BNT Mama

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